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Tayabas Church Clock Church Clock

The Church Clock that can be found on the belfry is considered to be one of the oldest and biggest in Asia. It was erected in the belfry in the early 1900. It measures one half meter tall and 42 centimeters in circumference.The hour hand measures one half meter while the minute hand is 62 centimeters long. A 70 kilo heavy weight runs the hour hand while a 140 kilo heavy weight

operates the whole clock.The heavy weight is suspended from an old steel cable attached to the ancient church clock. The heavy weight strikes a giant bell to announce the time at intervals of every one and a half hour.In 1971 concerned parishioners led by Msgr. Gregorio Salvatus spearheaded the repair and rehabilitation of the ancient church clock.

FOSMA 2014

  • Araya, Gil
  • Ayangco, Manuel
  • Babierra, Arnel
  • Zafranco, Aga Paolo Angelo
  • Biazon, Mario
  • Sumilang, Cesar Jr.
  • Tabi, Armando
  • Reyes, Vinson
  • Mancenido, Ernest
  • Goze, Dustin Felix
  • Valencia, Aldrin
  • Reynoso, Luis
  • Reyes, Dominador
  • Dela Cruz, Sesinando
  • Cabuyao, Suprimo

  • Pontioso, Elda
  • Jalocon, Maricel
  • Jacela, Librada
  • Profugo, Estelita
  • Lachica, Laarni
  • Pontioso, Chit Berroya
  • Manzano, Wenifreda
  • Llames, Joy
  • Dadios, Alodia
  • Juntereal, Lilian
  • Eguia, Billy
  • Sibug, Carol
  • Quinsanos, Eva
  • Aguinaldo, Marie Krista
  • Obispo, Nica Andrei

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